Torvald's First Command
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    A Life in Skyrim chronicles the story of a humble young Khajiit woodsman and smith who is trying to make a living in the frozen north.
Torvald's First Command

Wallpaper: Torvald’s First Command

Hey everyone! I’d like to thank you the readers for your continued support of this project. Since starting up again, I have received over 2,000 views. That shows me that people are still with me and still wanting to read the stories I am putting out. You have no idea how very much I appreciate … Continue reading


Torvald the Smith: Regrets and Vengeance

“Middas, 20th of Last Seed, Part one of two entries I had a dream last night. An actual dream, not a nightmare. I cannot really say if it was pleasant or not. Not to say I don’t remember it, I remember everything in vivid detail, all of it. It is simply that it was not some fantastic, unbelievable dream…it … Continue reading


Torvald the Smith: Agent of Solitude

“Tirdas, 19th of Last Seed Another night, another nightmare. Sometimes I fear I will never recover…never get past these dreams that haunt me from my past. The part that terrifies me most, though, is that I think I’m okay with that. I think maybe I deserve it… The details escape my grasp, but I remember a little from my dream. I … Continue reading

Bandoleer test fit

Torvald the Smith: Hard at Work

“Mondas, 18th of Last Seed I had an…uneasy…sleep last night. I had another war dream…or nightmare I suppose. Because they can hardly be called anything other than that. To deny it is to rationalize the atrocities I have seen…the same ones that I committed in my youth. We were young, and bold, and entirely too … Continue reading

Torvald relaxes after exhausting work.

Torvald the Smith: Homecoming

“Sundas, 17th of Last Seed, Ten in the Morning, Part One I’m home…or almost. Part of me wanted to push all the way to Solitude last night, but the soldier in me knew it was a bad idea. I was just drugged on clean, crisp nord air. By the divines it feels good to be breathing in … Continue reading


Out with the old, in with the new…

Greetings everyone, it has been a long time since I have posted, and even longer since I have posted stably. I want to assure you that this project is not absolutely dead. I fully intend to continue, and am starting to do so right now. I have recently had PC troubles, by which I mean my … Continue reading

Cyric Wallpaper: Welcome to the Thieves Guild

Hello everyone! Our numbers are slowly but steadily growing, as more and more people tune in to read about the adventures of our humble hunter Rajiir! With the renewed attention being given to Cyric as well, I decided it was only fitting to release a wallpaper of him. Here, the cynical rogue stands in his newly earned … Continue reading


Cyric the Rogue: Welcome to the Thieves Guild

“Entry three, Middas, 19th of Last Seed I needed to get out of Markarth. It was too rocky….too oppressive. Everything about it screamed order and tradition. That isn’t the kind of place a thief like me wants to visit. Before I left though, I stopped by a local smith to see his wares. Nothing that poor … Continue reading

Bandit Hunting

Life in Skyrim: The Great Hunt

“14th Entry; Tirdas, 5:20 AM, 8th of Heartfire It was a good sleep. This one had an exhilarating dream. It was surely a sign from Hircine, my shadowy lord of the hunt. Rajiir found himself in the form of a great wolf, bounding through the wilds of Skyrim. I ran through the mountains, climbing ever … Continue reading

Stalking the bandits

Cyric the Rogue: A Rude Awakening

“Entry two, Tirdas, 18th of Last Seed I got up well after dawn today and felt my stomach groaning desperately for food. I then realized it had been far too long since I had last eaten. I searched through my things and managed to pull together and loaf of bread and a roasted pheasant breast. … Continue reading